shelf (1998)

I made this shelf in 1998(?). It may look fragile but
it is strong enogh for daily use. I don't know the strucural
reason but its shape is kept with its strong tension and elasticity.
I'm not sure but one day your lover might ask me. 'Did you quote from this?'

Nacre Studio might answer her(him) 'I don't know'.

bookshelf (2001)

I made this bookshelf few weeks ago.
I could obtain 1m long screw. And the 'high nut' made the 2m height possible.
It is full size of the wall of my room. Its structure is same with the above shelf.
I fastened it to the wall with 2 hooks. Blue urethane foam is laid under it.
The level boards are MDF plywood which have a thickness of just 9mm
but they don't bend with books on. I don't know why they don't.